IBS people

What foods/drinks/supplements/habits do you avoid to stay healthy?
What foods/drinks/supplements/habits do you practice to stay healthy?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • AngieIrene


    I can’t have dairy, gluten, junk food, fast food, sweats, beans, red meat, no eggs, no soybeans, nothing artificial, nothing with GMOs or MSGs, and certain random foods that trigger me. 🙃🙃. I drink only water and eats lots of gluten free rice, with chicken, turkey, or tuna. Apples, oranges, corn, and carrots. Gluten free bagels with plant butter. There’s this website called FODY that has different sauces and spices and snacks for sensitive stomachs I love.

  • Lucky_H


    That diet I am told works. I have yet to sacrifice everything I love to eat but do give up as many trigger foods that I have been able to identify. Good advice

  • SongSparrow


    I take IB Gard when I'm flaring, and I try to keep as low-FODMAP as I can. Sourdough bread has been amazing, as I love sandwiches and toast.

  • Gidgetmom


    I avoid gluten, ice cream.

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