Im not sure how to talk to people or make new friends without feeling scared or overwhelmed

Social Anxiety


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  • Butterfly


    I know this feeling, meeting new friends is one of my biggest difficulties. It's a little easier to do this if you are in a comfortable environment, like with people you already know.

  • Brandon


    I feel this on another level, and Butterfly has a very strong point, talking to people is much easier if you are with people you have already established a strong relationship with as you can find things in common easier through those mutual friends

  • Janie


    I'll be your friend :)

  • musicjunkie444


    Thanks for the kind words. It sucks feeling like I’m an extrovert and want to be around people and make more friends but my anxiety always stops me. I also have issues trusting people, I feel like everyone’s going to betray me or not be sincere. 😥

  • Janie


    Trust can be hard, but it gets easier the more you practice.

  • Carolina


    I feel you. I always get nervous when I know I’m about to speak to new people. As part of my job I sometimes lecture to small classes. My pco gave me bisoprolol to take before any lecture

  • Chrysanthemumbee


    Join clubs based on something that you enjoy. That allows you to already have at least one thing in common to talk about.

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