i've been told lately to journal my feelings. so i started doing it. now i feel more stressed like i have to hide what i wrote out of shame. i really hate this.

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  • RobynLee


    Never feel ashamed for writing down your thoughts . It's just for your own benefit & no one elses

  • dannyimprego


    i feel the same thing!! like everyone says to write down stuff in a journal to let out personal stuff but like i’m still hiding things from my journal bc i’m too afraid to say it or write it down. i feel like its me being ashamed of the way i feel so i don’t even wanna admit it, even to myself

  • Faye69


    Personally I like to represent the way I feel in the form of art, like a drawing or something. That way you can let it all out and only you can decipher what it means. Then you won't feel like you have to hide it

  • BHC


    There is no need to feel ashamed. I suggest you talk to someone sometimes talking actually makes it better.

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