I've had another panic attack while facing the idea of death. Lately I've been trying to ground myself in spirituality and the idea of a summerlands. I do very much belive in the idea of a summerlands based on people who have died and been brought back to life in heart attack cases. Recently, I've been struggling with not getting overwhelmed when thinking about an eternity. I think that span of time is just to much for our minds to handle so they just give out. I also will sometimes worry about if there is nothing but blank space. The idea of just not existing is too much to handle as well. I'm not sure what to do since the idea of and eternity scared me almost as much as the idea of nothing. What should I do?

I know I post a lot about death on my account but I feel the need to reach out for help so I dont go crazy.

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  • http.sunflower


    Hi! From a Christian perspective, we shouldn’t fear death because if you’re Christian, you believe that Jesus Christ paid for your sins and when you die, you’ll go to heaven and live in peace for all of eternity. Also in my (religious) opinion, the concept of eternity is too big of a concept for humans to mentally grasp, and we should just leave it in God’s hands since his knowledge is higher than ours. I hope this helped 💗💗

  • emoryw


    taking a completely neutral or agnostic perspective has been very helpful for me. once i realize that whatever is out there is unknowable and there’s nothing i can do about it i don’t take all the individual possibilities too seriously

  • CozyVibez


    Have you spoken about this with a clinical psychologist? They are trained to help you discuss these issues, but I understand if you can't find a good one 😅

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