Hi! I have been having high heart rates for the last few years now and we don't know why. I've seen a cardiologist about it but we did tests and everything came out normal with that,the only thing it could be is because I've had asthma since I was 7 and I always used to take steroids for that for many years,I finally stopped taking them but the rate still tend to go high? is that something normal once you get older? is it some of the medications I'm taking? I currently take BP medicine and eczema medicine. Idk, it's a mystery.....


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  • Ameg


    Hm. I wonder if maybe your breathing treatments need to be tweaked? I know rescue inhalers and nebulizers can higher the heart rate Altho that’s more so right after use. However, sometimes if your breathing isn’t the best, your heart can compensate. So your oxygen number might look fine, but heart rate can be elevated. Maybe talk to your asthma doctor about the high heart rate. Best of luck!

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