I just moved to a new city for complicated reasons and I am struggling at work. I've been struggling with my depression since April. Everyone thinks I've got it all together but really there are days when I'm barely able to get out of bed. I've dealt with my bipolar for years and I've done a lot since I was diagnosed in 2015. but struggling to get it together this time. my therapist neglected me 3 weeks ago which is very unethical. I decided to see if I can find a different type of support system instead. trying Alike out...

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  • MadAlice


    Hey you are supported, there are so many people going through similar struggles. I used to feel without purpose but you do have a unique place in this universe. I hope you get through your tough times. Remember to use positive self talk, breathe, look around you, and realize it might be better in ways you are overlooking.

    • Aha


      thank you

      • MadAlice


        of course! Remember to do something kind for yourself each day, not just others, you are a person too ya know. ;)

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