After trying what seems like a thousand medications, including injections, I have started Qulipta as of today. Does anyone have experience with it? If so, has it helped? I know it’s extremely new so I’m not sure if any of you have taken/are taking it.


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  • Chloi213


    I don’t but hope all goes well!

  • kriter


    Never heard of it, but good luck! ❤️

  • Nimbus


    My doctor suggested to take it for preventive care. I still haven’t decided yet, so for now I’m with my triptans

  • Emma37


    I haven't tried it because I heard that fatigue and sleepiness are common side effects of the drug and I constantly feel tired anyhow. Maybe in the future when I'll feel better I'll give it a try too

  • RainyTudor


    I was just prescribed this and will be starting Monday! I really hope you and I both have success with it.

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