Who else hates it when your parents are arguing at 3 in the morning? Because I do.
My room is next to theirs, so I can hear my mom yelling at my dad, while he's trying to calm her down.
I don't know what to do. My mom's always starting arguments with everyone, including me, and it's so draining... I really want it to stop.

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  • Bunny.girl


    That's tough...depending on your relationship with your parents you could explain to them how their fighting effects you and your sleep. But it sounds like your relationship with your Mom isn't that great. Earplugs might help if they won't stop or perhaps you could get your own place or move in with someone else if it's that bad. It honestly sounds like you need to remove yourself from the situation if it's affecting your wellbeing. My DM is open if you want to talk.

  • SomeKindaKid


    At first I read “parents” as “pancreas” but I also hate when my parents fight

  • JingleP


    I’m sorry… I relate to that so bad. My parents rarely argue anymore but I still get triggered by it and often mistake other sounds for arguing. I would put headphones in and focus on calming yourself if possible.

  • MissWilwarin


    Ear plugs are a must. I’d also suggest listening to white noise, or a white noise machine + ear plugs, to muffle the noise of your parents fighting. As for your mom being combative, just don’t engage with her. Just put your ear buds or ear plugs in and walk away.

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