How can one overcome to increasing fear of self loathing that ends with one staying away from the public all together? I am losing trust and have almost disconnected from everyone and am alone most of my days, and the sadness and loneliness have become debilitating.

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  • DCar


    I pray so Much, I feel the same way you feel but if you pray it helps calm the mood a lot, I’m not sure your religion but has a lot of anxiety prayers. Be sure to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Exercise 30 minutes a day, walk in nature if you can and every-time your anxiety kicks in day Guardian Angel help me. Also tapping app on phone helps a lot during an attack and to calm nerves. Breathworks app helps too. God bless you

  • AlyWare


    I have been really struggling with all this and I know it makes me more isolated the more I so. So no matter how I so it I try to do at least one thing that g te me out in public and interacting with people these days gets harder and harder. There’s is such shitty energy out there it’s a battle to be out and kill someone with kindness when I mostly just want to just smack these people. But it’s one that I know is a necessary thing . Being alone tends to make me stranger than usual. So it’s just a must . I also think I’d I don’t use it I lose it. So I press through

  • JessGlen


    Thanks y'all. I do make it out to do what I do to make some funds, but I always have earphone in. When I do have to convert with anyone I get so anxious that I come off, or as I see myself, weird, loud, off putting or "can't get away fast enough" and it's all because I don't want to come off as all the prior adjectives or offend anyone in anyway. Let alone draw attention to myself, but I do as the anxiety is overwhelming and completely engulfing. And I just get home or somewhere solace as fast as I can. Then dwell endlessly, then forget, then dwell again, and on and on..... Good days and bad days, but which one a day will be is so random and can go back and forth throughout a day, and im just exhausted.

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