I have left sided hip dysplasia causing me severe pain. I have growths on the bone on my hip meaning surgery would be VERY complicated. I am sometimes in a wheelchair due to my other conditions. It is a custom chair. However lately I have been getting horrific pain when sitting in my chair. Anyone any ideas. Wondering if I need to ask about a different cushion. I have a special cushion at college which helps so wondering if theirs anything similer for wheelchairs.

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  • xoxsnuggles


    I see you mentioned about a cusion I think it be a good idea to see if you can get one to provide the right support in your chair

    • PrincessCheese


      Yeah might try and get in touch with the dreaded wheelchair services/ Physio. Not sure if they’d help. Support is limited as a part time user but have no idea what to purchase if buying by myself.

  • PeachyZebra


    I saw a video from Gem, heels on wheels, and she had her seat tilt altered and it helped with her hip pain. So I tried it, it worked really well. I have FAI and CAM impingement, labral tears with associated cysts, bursitis, tendonitis, tendonosis, osteoarthritis and meralgia paresthesia bilaterally, so it might help you. When I say seat tilt my bum is lower than my knees? Does that make sense? I got my chair from wheelchair services as did my daughter.

    • PrincessCheese


      Yes it does. My chair was purchased with a WC service voucher and charity funding singing the only chairs they were aloud to prescribe were heavey and too difficult for me to move and despite physio recommendations they wouldn’t budge on letting me attach a power attachment.

  • Boo_


    What kind of cushion do you currently have? I use a Roho because of past pressure sores but some people can find them unstable, especially depending how your chair is set up. My chair has lots of lateral support so I don’t find it too wobbly. Other common types I know of are Jay cushions, invacare matrix, supracor, plus just your basic memory foam type ones, but they should definitely never be used if you are a full time chair user!

    • PrincessCheese


      It’s a Helping Hands something got upgraded from a Jay Basix but still not happy going to get in touch with wheelchair services

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