Hello! I’ve had point trigger block injections 5-6 times, vaginal Botox injection, 2 AmDrop injections, full CO2 laser reconstruction, vestibulectomy, and hymenal tag removal. I’m only 3 weeks past my last procedure, but I feel discouraged that nothing will ever make me “normal.” How have your experiences been with any of these procedures?


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  • foreveritchy


    I do not have any experiences with what you have described. Just wanted to send you a" I understand" message. 😞 I am here hoping to connect with others who have the same issue. It has been 18 years and I haven't found anything to work and make me feel"normal" there for a long time. I am willing to get shots, surgery, whatever. Seems that you have done those and it's not helping. I am soo sorry you are going through this. Just know you are not alone.

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