Is anyone ALWAYS tired? I just started using Abilify and I feel the constant need to nap. I’ve got so much work to do! Any suggestions?



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  • Muffie


    Hi! When I switched from Olanzapine to Risperdal, I was very tired all the time. I slept 10 hours a night then napped 2-4 hours during the day. I am considering going back on Olanzapine. I had low motivation though until I was put on Buspar (which I am still taking but the Risperdal really tanked my motivation as well.)

  • PupMicah


    I went from being extremely tired in the first month, to becoming extremely restless currently.

  • Beetlejuul


    I sleep a LOT like 8+ hours a night and then at least an hour nap a day

  • Emmett


    I’m restless and exhausted all the time on abilify! If it didn’t help so much I would probably go off of it.

  • Roboman140


    Idk if it’s a good idea I’d try something like coffee or red bull I know schizo disorders don’t mix well with caffeine but for some reason I don’t have an issue with caffeine

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