Hi I've been dealing with eds since 2002 [as well as several other issues]. I've come to a point where I'm entering a new phase of recovery. Debating whether to seek residential treatment again at a different facility or try and do it at home.
Insurance and funds have been an issue.
I feel more motivated to recover and stay in recovery than ever before.
If you relate or have any personal advice or input, I'd be more than happy to chat
Take good care & all the best to you

Anorexia Nervosa

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  • kikil


    hey! i relate a lot to this. i am attempting recovery as well. i chose to do it at home with the support of therapists and doctors. i didn't want the financial burden of an inpatient setting. it all depends on the person though, so whichever you think is more helpful. the most important thing regardless is to hold yourself accountable. anorexia is not your friend and it will try to sabotage recovery in sneaky ways. keep fighting, i promise it's worth it.

    • ashlux


      thank you for the reminder I appreciate youπŸ™ Good luck in your recovery πŸ’•πŸ’•

      • kikil


        thank you, you too πŸ’•

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