anyone have any thing that has worked on painfull neuropathy in your feet mine have the normal pins and needles,cold,stiff,burning,like electric pulses in my feet and on top of that severe pain had to quit work of over 24 years of standing...just need to stop the pain.

Magnesium Oxide

Potassium Gluconate



Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System

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  • WhiteRaven


    Magnesium oxide has help tremendously!🤗

  • CMS1023


    Lyrica and Cymbalta have really helped me. I also take a host of supplements, like Magnesium mentioned above. Potassium gluconate helps. Also, try a heated mattress pad for your bed. The heat really helps.

  • CMS1023


    My rheumatologist years ago put me on guaifenesin 400 mg twice a day. She explained that taking that and drinking a lot of water help move the toxins from your muscle and nerve cells. It is now sold over the counter. I've taken it for over 20 years now, and I do notice a change when I am out.

  • Jahcinth


    Gary Crowley have some videos on YOUTUBE. I've tried them and they worked, all the numbness and burning in my feet disappeared.

  • Crowlux


    Cymbalta/ Duloxetine worked well for me while I vould take it! I was like a different person v good med for my foot and hand pain

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