Has anyone else ever gotten claustrophobic in cars? I have very bad claustrophobia where I get panic attacks in crowds or in small spaces (small rooms, corners) If there is no windows. Although its usually only when someone else is driving or other people in the car, I absolutely have to have a window rolled down and I usually face myself towards the door.

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  • Puffy_panda


    One of my biggest anxiety/phobia things are car rides. If I'm driving by myself it is at least bearable but I struggle on and off to be with other people in a car. I get so anxious I start gagging... Which is another of my phobias so that makes me wanna go places and be in cars even less. And I can't handle being in the back seats anymore, I have to sit at least passengers or I'm too claustrophobic. But even then I have an extremely hard time and usually can't do it. It's so hard and even my medication doesn't really help. I flat out refuse to go anywhere with anyone and let people down :(

  • ___


    Yes! I usually just have trouble when I’m really close to people, but I have had many panic attacks in cars and planes. It’s awful! And sorry to vent for a minute, but when it’s my Mom next to me she always acts like I’m trying to get away from her, but I just need SPACE! Thanks for your post, it’s nice to read that other people experience similar things to me!

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