I have always has problems with my stomach and large intestine, I had my Gallbladder and Appendix removed no matter what I do I am always constipated I have tried senna, miralax and more but nothing is moving anything they either think I have ibs or ibd I don't know what to do. My stomach extends like I am 2 months pregnant, I have the worst headache, I get a rash when I get the pain in my stomach, I always have nausea, I throw up alot,I just need your thoughts to help figure this out cause I can't keep doing the unknowing

Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Skin rash

Chronic Constipation

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  • redeemed


    Get your pancreas checked asap.

    • redeemed


      When your pancreas stops functioning it causes bloating and belly pain also it makes you so you can not poop loss of appetite headaches vomiting skin yellowing same with the whites of your eyes.

  • mommy2angelina


    Do hydrotherapy colonics

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