ok so, I had a weird dream last night then it turned into a nightmare before I woke up.. it was about the main thing I fear that would happen to my relationship. In the nightmare, I was on one of my social media's and I found their account with the bio saying "I love (so and so) so much" it wasn't my name btw. So you can probably tell what my biggest fear is when it comes to my long distance relationship heh..
(I wish I wasn't still traumatized from it but unfortunately I am..)


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  • Reallyhopeful


    It's time you had a normal relationship with someone. If you don't trust someone because of miles between you, it's more than you need at this time. Try a local boyfriend, or learn how to deal with the way things are. Mistrust wrecks a relationship.

  • Shebear13


    I agree with Reallyhopeful I have had mistrust ruin my relationships too many times.

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