so I haven't been diagnosed with MS just yet but my doctor has set up a MRI. I'm wondering though does anyone else have trouble walking and when you overthink walking it gets worse. I try to calm myself down and stop thinking so much but soon as I overthink I end up almost falling or grabbing a hold of whatever that's close to keep my balance.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • a3k


    Over time I realized that overthinking anything does make things more challenging.

  • Quigley


    I'd give anything to walk again I've been in a wheelchair for 2 years now I'm 39 my doctor said it's almost over I guess that's a good thing

  • MsJackson


    I can't concentrate on doing things or I mess it up. I find myself pile driving through things as fast as I can and my body does it. It doesn't always work but I've always felt that pushing myself gets me through a lot better than accepting defeat.

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