why do birthdays feel so,,, empty? my family has come into town and everything but I just feel numb, sad, and anxious.

Chronic Restlessness and Agitation

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  • Redbone


    For me I have 2 grown boys that make me feel I'm not worthy of any love from them. They are triggers for me. Everything seems to be my fault. I just want to be included. They treat everyone else with respect.

  • feellicks


    I think it's because of how hyped up they are. once I stopped caring so much about it being a perfect day, ive had much better birthdays. plus it's only as good as the people you spend it with

  • 707kimber


    🤗 ❤️ 😥 🙌 🙏 A Huge Possibility It’s Mood Swing’s &/ Or A Mixtures Of Mental Health. Don’t Worry 😉 💝 Or Be Ashamed Get Checked By A Dr 👩‍⚕️. Good 😊 Luck 🍀. ✌️

  • Rosita


    I feel the same way because I’m like if you were just treating me like shit yesterday but because it’s my birthday or holiday you want to do things and pretend for a day forget that it’s my birthday or a holiday. I get told you always act like this during celebrations sorry I’m not going to fake happiness when I know it’s going to change the next day.

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