Do you ever worry that others think you are lazy because of your fibromyalgia or do you worry that sometimes you aren't doing enough because of the pain? It might be because I also have anxiety but I worry about that a lot.

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  • catdad22


    Oh, absolutely. It’s the kind of thought that sounds ridiculous or embarrassing as soon as I start to say it out loud, especially to my therapist, but it doesn’t make it feel less real inside my brain. ❤️

  • gerky03


    i worry about this all the time too! i have a hard time seeing my own value when i’m not able to be productive, which is a lot with fibro. i just try to think of it like “if i rest now, maybe i’ll have more energy later to accomplish something” bc if i don’t rest, then my symptoms will be even worse and for longer. i used to care what other people think of me, but then realized that people are going to judge you no matter what you do, so you might as well just do what’s best for you :)

  • PiscesFurMama


    Absolutely, i feel this to some level every day, i have so much to do but fibro gets in the way and it's so discouraging 😞

  • Cskyet91


    Of course. I worry about being a burden on others, that leads to darker thoughts that stem from depression.

  • T_Girl


    Sometimes I wonder the same. Because I grew up in house full of abled bodied people so when I complain and they look at me strange I wonder if they fine I'm too lazy

  • Aimless


    Every single day I fight this. Our world attaches so much of our worth, our value, to our productivity. But productivity is a perspective. What is productive for one person is a waste of time to someone else. Chopping wood all year seems ridiculous to the neighbor that has central heating in the winter. Sometimes productive for me is filling my weekly med container on time. That's it. Try to prioritize self care. Brush teeth, shower (or bath if standing is out of the question), meditate (I use an android app called Balance, very helpful, personalized and free the first year), do things that make you happy and feel good. Doing little things (a phone game, a coloring sheet, a puzzle you enjoy, etc) are great ways to recharge your ever dying batteries. Don't look at it as procrastination, look at it like tiny recharges. Regardless of how you FEEL tho, you are worthy, you are loved, you are valuable, and as this app has shown me, you are in good company. Alone we are but small. Together, we are fibro warriors that could rival Spartans armies like a force of nature. But we'd still probably show up late.

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