hi there! im juneau and i have many conditions and disorders, including fibromyalgia, autism, adhd, and severe vertigo (which i may have forgotten to add, but which i will try to remedy). i am also pretty overweight, and suffer from binge eating disorder as well as anorexia (also may have forgotten to add those; im very forgetful). i would love to make the journey towards health, and losing about 70 lbs. any tips or camaraderie on this journey would be much appreciated!

p.s. - im also incredibly chatty; the exact polar opposite of concise, actually. so if that bothers you or you can't handle a lot of energy and distractibility, it might be better for the both of us for you to motor on by. UwU

be well, all a'y'all! love and light to ya's~

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Feath


    Hihi! I also have fibromyalgia, adhd, and autism. Feel free to chat with me! :^)

  • LadyBlkny


    Hi there! I've got fibro at least, though I've honestly been wondering if I have autism, adhd, or both. What led you to get tested for either?

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