I don't even know what's going on anymore. I decided to take a week off from work because I desperately needed to get away but I just feel more depressed and hung up about stuff. I'm just so frustrated and angry with someone ghosting me after I did then wrong. I really tried to reach out and apologize on multiple occasions. It's very infuriating because they have been looking through my stories and such but don't reply. I'm kind of at a lost right now. It kind of feels like everyone is doing it to be and I'm just... exhausted. Like, what is the point of this relationship? I just wish I had someone to talk to and be friends with... I'm just done with everything.


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  • fakeosphere


    It can be frustrating, but as soon as you realize the obligation to socialize is a two way street you can relax... if someone ghosts you, they may have liked you but felt undue social pressure from you. just take it as something to learn from, if you can.

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