My mom thinks I use my depression as a crutch to not go to work. How do I tell her the thought of going to work makes me freak out and get depressed? I havent been to work on my current medication dosage and I'm hoping that helps but she says "I get depressed on days I work but am fine when I don't work." Am I using it as a crutch?


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  • Rosie_B


    No. You’re not using it as a crutch. If you have to ask, you’re not. Your mom unfortunately just doesn’t grasp what depression truly is. I’m so sorry you’re going through this— seek medical help for your dosage ASAP. This is definitely a depression issue. 💕

    • Lucilou


      I'm on new meds that I haven't tried working with yet. I'm hoping it's better. But thank you. My mom has depression but she keeps telling me to push through like she did years ago. It's not the same as it was years ago and im not her. :(

      • Catlady121427


        so True...we aren't our parents & don't always have the same mind set as them....I have the same problem with my mother & my mother now has a masters in psychology

  • DexVex


    I get the felling 100%. It happened to me when I had my first job. I was sad and no one seemed to wanna talk or anything. Personally for me, what I did was to go out and treat myself to window shopping and remind myself I am getting money and it's under my control. Windows hopping helped cuz I can go out and see so many things I've never sceen before with a fresh set of eyes and remembering I'm earning money means my efforts at helping my Co workers are valued even if they are to busy to say it. I know its hard and it feels super sad cuz you may not feel like you fit in or hate the job but know you are still your own person no matter what.

  • shoe


    My mom is pretty much the sane way. She doesn't think I have depression and doesn't think that I need my therapist. I don't know what is the deal with everyone's mom being like this!(not everyone just most)

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