how do you guys deal with people talking over you? every night at dinner with my parents, like clockwork, I ask my mom a question and my dad just talks over both me and her. it infuriates me and usually leads to an explosive fight.

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  • MsAi


    I normally just get quiet after being spoken over. You're situation is a bit difficult considering it's your dad who's the problem. Do you think if your mom talked to him about it he might consider changing? Maybe you could set aside a time for you to speak with just your mom. I wish you luck.

    • quetz


      I highly doubt he would change. He kind of forced our family to do family therapy despite never wanting to change himself. It's really frustrating

  • gatoraid


    Maybe talk about it with your mom before hand, like for if he interrupts you then you both stop talking, wait for him to stop, ignore whatever he said and continue your conversation, or once he's done ask/tell him to wait till you're done talking to start another conversation/interject. Maybe bring up how he insisted therapy & that this is an example of something he can work on improving to show he cares. Of course you know your situation best so you would have to edit how & what you say to fit the setting, but I hope this helped somewhat or at least gave you an idea. Im not sure I could've had this talk at all with my dad so I wish you luck !!!

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