Other than medication what can help me with my autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Cloudlight


    I think that depends on what symptoms impact you the most. Could you describe some of the most significant symptoms you want to address?

    • Brandonv01


      I have trouble with being in a large crowd sometimes, I don't make conversations with people I don't know or never met before.

      • Cloudlight


        Are you in situations where you have to be in large crowds? And do you want to talk to new people? If these are situations where you feel like you are supposed to be comfortable but don't enjoy them, then be aware that there is no requirement to act a certain way or enjoy certain things. If these aren't things you want to do then you don't have to do them, even if they are considered standard behaviors. If these are things you wish you could do but can't because they are too uncomfortable, I recommend easing into them with smaller scale versions. Try going to a quiet cafe with a few more people than you're used to and practice grounding yourself while you're only a little uncomfortable, or ask to be introduced to a friend of someone you already know, that way you already have a common ground to talk about. Once you are confident in those smaller situations, scale it up a bit by going somewhere a bit busier or talking to a stranger you are likely to share an interest with ( i suggest local clubs or online forums related to something you like). If you struggle with the skills required for these things, I would look into a therapist who can help you develop individualized skill sets for things like overstimulation and conversation.

  • Undead_Hippie


    I love using medical cannabis to treat my autism but it’s not for everyone

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