Hi! hyperthyroidism is something I have been dealing with for awhile. My biggest challenge is get my thyroid level. This makes it super hard to loose weight. Anyone else outhere face similar challenges with this.



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  • Lavender40


    I have been taken off my thyroid medication a mth ago I had hyperthyroidism it makes you lose weight at a very rapid rate it was no fun at all very scary I became 96pds and my original weight is 180pds so imagine my fear hypothyroidism causes weight gain I have little info or knowledge regarding this condition

  • JETx6


    Hey guys, I'm new here, but I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2020, I still haven't seen a endocrinologist,.... 😬, does anyone Else have eye pain or bulging

    • GrammyG


      yes . I have Thyroid Eye Disease.

  • BumbleBees


    I was diagnosed with subclinical hyperthyroidism two years ago and haven’t seen any doctors or anything since then. All of my symptoms go unchecked and I fear they are getting worse. I can’t keep weight on for the life of me! This coupled with my other health problems.. I went from 150 to 100 in just a month or two! It’s scary! I have a TON of symptoms that I need to get seen for

    • GrammyG


      why aren't you being seen by a endocrinologist?

      • BumbleBees


        my previous doctors suck!! I have a new PCP appointment in two weeks and hopefully they will see to it that I see an endocrinologist

  • Henny


    I'm the opposite I want to eat all the time

  • RileyRussell


    I'm the total opposite but only when I take my medication.👍

  • Lynn8392


    Did you find out through a blood test that you have hyperthyroidism?

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