there's a lot in mind, but my first thing is wanting to know how to remember to check blood sugars without alarms. food doesn't remind me either

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  • MissMandaBear


    May I ask how long you’ve been diagnosed for? It takes a while to get used to it, i have a CGM now so I don’t have to remember as much but I always checked before eating and anytime I felt the slightest symptom

    • soju


      i've used a sensor before but it was so unbearably uncomfortable that i couldn't keep using it. i've been a diabetic since i was 5, so.. 18 years now? i'm 23. whenever i feel a little symptom, i usually treat accordingly without the insulin correction since the smallest bit makes me drop quite a lot if i'm high.

  • Sebas


    Hey soju maybe try asking your endocrinologist to help you adjust your insulin to carb ratios or maybe the insulin you have is a high concentration insulin. Could possibly be that you need a lower concentration.

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