so I don't know if this could be toxic behavior but I've been going through my boyfriends phone when's he's asleep because I found out that he's been accepting friend requests from those two bit Snapchat bot whores who basically just send naked videos of themselves and he does chat them back at times and he's got at least 10 or 12 chats. not all of them have anything sent in them at all but he has a few and it makes me uncomfortable but I don't want to downright tell him that I've been going through his phone and I don't know how to handle it. I've got pics and videos of the chats and the amount of Snapchat bots. he has actively opened the videos and even replayed one. it's really making my mind go to shit because I feel like I'm not good enough for him any more. I'm really not sure how to handle the situation because I've been stressed I've been either sleeping all day and not sleeping at night or I won't sleep at all. I've barely eaten anything at all and I'm sick with a cold but my body can't heal because of the lack of food/rest


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  • AstraDragon


    Hmm thats a tough situation. I'm honestly not sure what I would do either

  • Gwen71


    Why did you start going through his phone? Was it something you had a bad feeling about or was or is acting different around or towards you? If it is, you either confront him and you guys talk about it or just tell him you're going to leave,break up,etc. if you can. That's what I would do if I'm in that situation.🙏

    • Fenix


      he started acting different, like he was distancing himself and I got a weird feeling. I don't want to leave him because I really love him but I'm not sure how to properly confront him without being the "insecure" girlfriend

  • titch


    girl it’s not toxic so many people do it. it’s a peace of mind thing. the problem is when you actually find shut like you have. You could maybe say “i had a dream which i know is silly but i just want peace of mind. do you mind if i look through your messages? in my dream you were snapping other people sexually” and then if he says no then you can get funny about that because it’s suspicious. if he says “yeah one sec” and deleted stuff you can get funny about that too because how you gonna get peace of mind if he’s deleting stuff before he gives you his phone. if he says yeah you can maybe go on messages first so it doesn’t seem like you know where to go then on snap and when you see those bots you can say to him that you’re not comfortable with that and ask him why he’s interacting with them. then you can have a conversation about it. if he says either or the other two things like “no” or “yeah one sec” like i said about then you can have a conversation about it through that too. foolproof if he says “don’t you trust me” you can say “i’m sure you know what it’s like when you get a weird thought. it’s literally just for peace of mind i do trust you, the dream is just hanging around in my subconscious eating away at me”

  • Oouchthathurts


    You already know the answer to this issue. You really don’t need anyone to tell you what you should do. You need to listen to your intuition, it’s working correctly. You can love someone, but if he’s NOT the right person, you won’t get the true love, trust, respect you deserve back from him. Having love, trust, respect is very important for your well being and happiness in a relationship. (With that said your intuition and his phone tells you everything you need to know. It’s really up to you to approach it/fix it or move on.) good luck 🍀 know your worth!

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