Does anyone else who takes Keppra have a hard time focusing, even on simple tasks?





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  • roseaa


    I used to take keppra And I had a hard time focusing on things

    • LunaLover


      are you on something now? They tried two different meds with me because of my problems with Keppra and they both made me break out in rashes

  • roseaa


    Yes I'm on a couple different ones But I also have had the surgery For the Vehicle nerve stimulator I may have not spelled that correctly But it is also known as the VNS As far as medication I am on briviact and lamotrigine That's all for my seizures. But for my hands that shake from my seizures I take propranolol These medications seem to work for me

  • Brobro86


    I use to take keppra it made me very deliusal and I would hear and see things that really wasn't there

  • Phoebe23


    i've been on keppra for about 7 years now, didn't previously have issues focusing but in the last year my dose got increased by 500mg and i've been having mental troubles (focus, depression, irritability) more often since then. talk to ur doctor and see if you could get a blood test and evaluate whether you could safely take a lower dose to reduce symptoms. good luck friend <3

  • Parappagirl



  • rainbowofanxiety


    I take Keppra as well. It was increased to 1000mg and my ability to focus on a small task or a simple conversation went out the window.

  • nightquest


    Me too!!! I just thought I had a hard time concentrating. I thought it was only me.

  • LyssaKitty


    I used to take keppra but I had to change meds due to lack of focusing and Kepprage. (Severe anger and irritability). I now take Vimpat.

  • signature_sauce


    i’m on keppra and i’ve had a really hard time focusing at school since i got on it

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