I was diagnosed last year with L5-S1 protruding disc and degenerate disc. I went to physical therapy and after six weeks had major improvement. However, not too long after I finished PT, the pain came back. Now I am having some bladder control issues and I am not sure if it is just a side effect of having two kids (youngest is 1) or if it is from the back issues. It took three years to get a doctor to actually look at my back and not blame it on pregnancy, so I am hesitant to bring this up to a doctor. Any thoughts?

Chronic Low Back Pain


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  • ShelbyLane


    The only thing my Dr has told me is to do Kegal exercises. But a female Dr might have more insight. I would say this is certainly due to having kids and Kegals should help with that. My opinion anyways. Hope it helps!

  • Bennie


    I have the same problem the pain hurts so much that I can’t control my bladder. I’m now doing physical therapy but not helping and soon starting aquatic therapy and going to pain management soon. I hope you get some relief soon from the pain 🙏

  • Betalou


    When it starts going down your leg, it is a sign you have some serious damage. I would go see a doctor asap!

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