Just venting- Last night I was offered a plane ticket to Denver and I am nervous to take it. My uncle lives in Denver and last night, he and I were having the first real conversation we've ever had in my life. He's my dad's brother and my dad died whenever I was 9. My brother also lived with him for some time and ended up dying over there in Denver when I was 16. I have always wanted to have a close relationship with my family but that's just not how life turned out for me so far. However, I recently got in contact with my dad's fraternal twin brother in an effort to try and see if his daughters who are around my age would be interested in a friendship over the phone as there is 1,000 mi separating us. As I was talking to him last night however, he got very emotional. This I tried not to take to heart as I know he is prone to drinking. And then he sent me photos of my cousin and her children and offered me a ticket to come visit. I have never flown before and I would be going alone so as to not have to worry about anyone else. I told him it might be some time as I had some things that I would need to sort out here first.

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