so me and my therapist believe I have some form of ptsd (at least thats what we've been referring to it as) and I feel like its not valid because its a silly thing to have ptsd about. I have a room thats on the far end of the house, so mice often make it their home. and because of this I've had upwards of 10 mice in my room this year. this has caused extreme paranoia when I'm in my room, borderline panic attack heavy waves of anxiety when I hear the slightest noise, a fear of picking things up off the ground or in my closet, and a fear of being alone in my room. So I figured I'd ask, does this seem like a real form of ptsd? or just some other form of a trauma response?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • NopeItsVal


    It sounds like a real form of PTSD to me. Having a trauma response so severe, and reoccurring in what should be comforting spaces, sound like it is a traumatic stress disorder.

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