Going to be switch to mainly CBD products to see what helps me the most with my (FM) any suggestions?



Chronic Abdominal Distention

Chronic Headache



Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • ImaKandiMoose


    Many people claims it helps. CBD gave me headaches. 1:1 CBD THC let's me sleep but none of it helps any of my pain. Gabapentin is helping my pain 25% since I started it 2 weeks ago.

  • xMikix


    I personally take Lyrica daily. I also take chloroxozone for migraines (and Botox injections that I recently started). The chlorozaxazone helps my sleep (along with the Lyrica). I also take Effexor XR for my depression, but it supposedly could be helping my fibromyalgia pain as well. I recently (1 bottle ago, just started the 2nd) take a CBD oil tincture (calming) in addition to the meds above from CBDfx. Bought the 4000 IU strength. You can even use "Sezzle" to help afford it in payments rather than paying $140-$169 as a whole. THC isn't legal in my state so I tried Delta-8 which is good for sleep, but I prefer the lack of psychotropic effects from it. Someone mentioned gabapentin too, which I took from 2009 to a few yrs ago when my tolerance changed drastically. That helped me tremendously too. Without gabapentin / pregablin (Lyrica) I would never sleep as well as I do today (most of the time, but it varies).

  • xMikix


    If you want any other non traditional medication ideas I would be happy to share those as welm

  • PrincessEmerald


    Charlottes web brand helps me a lot

  • Rayningtigress


    I like the edibles. Its a different high for me. It feels more of a body high but i get a clear head still.

  • OuchiePrincess


    There’s Jeffrey’s, which are CBD cigs (amazing if you’re trying to kick that habit), I really like the mint CBD balm from Swanson’s (reputable online company with pharmaceutical grade herbal medicines, vitamins, and supplements). Try to stay away from CBD vape carts unless you’re purchasing in a legal state- there’s often cheap and harmful fillers, and taste spectacularly BAD. St Mary’s brand is effective but pricy given alternatives. I try to support small businesses that make CBD products, as their standard for quality is really very high for the volume of product you buy! They have high quality competitors and are always trying to outdo each other. I also recommend checking online as many companies are large enough to ship to you!

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