I've been having really annoying intrusive thoughts... how do I stop them?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Bextoph


    respond to them with ration. it can be hard. but think why you want to do whatever the thought it, and then why it’s not a good idea

  • Nuclearsnot


    Resist compulsions or responding to them in any way. Don't force yourself to ignore them, just acknowledge they're there then try to move on. Not doing any compulsions will make you feel worse in the moment and it's not easy but in the long term you will start to be affected by those thoughts less. The problem is that intrusive thoughts can't just go away entirely, so you have to learn how to not get stuck on them. If things get really bad you may want to consider ERP with an OCD specialist, if you can afford it

  • Bun


    ignore them to the best of ur ability. label it as an intrusive thought and don’t pay any more attention to it.

  • okideku


    What I usually do is let the thought be, the more you try to force it down, the more power it has, at least that’s what I’ve learned and I’m able to manage it better :))

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