I've been getting these pvc's for a year now. Looks to me that stress, high anxiety, types of food I eat, less exercise and monthly menstruation is what makes them come on. Or just thinking about it too much 🙄. But it's hard not to think about it...right?? Walking helps for me and keeping busy with work. Also keeping my mind filled with positive thoughts..or try too lol 😆

Premature beats

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  • Ananda


    Mine started 2 months ago. I am still trying to manage with medication. Was feeling much better until last week when it seems like I have returned a few steps behind. Hard to sleep, can’t lay flat, very upsetting. 🥴

    • nooz


      try walking everyday it really does help. Oh gosh I know what you mean by not being able to lie flat...I couldn't lie flat or on my left side. It felt like when I did they started to come on more. So I laid on my right side for a long while. Which put strain on the right side of my body...neck, shoulder blade, lower was terrible. Then I started a new job which kind of scared me cause it was quite a ways from the town I live in...thinking what if something happens. But with all the walking I did at my new job it helped me a lot I think because I stared feeling them less.

      • Ananda


        appreciate your advice. Exercise might actually help, I am also taking beta-blocker and some supplements. There ate better days than others. Hopefully it will settle to a pace I can deal … 🙏

  • DanielB


    Mine started after covid..I ve had them since August of last year.. they were there all the time and now i feel them less often. I have been taking a supplement that us helping... iam not sure .. can I post here?

    • Ananda


      mine also started bothering after covid. I used to have it very rarely… now it is everyday more than 10% of the time 😥

  • Samhain556


    ✋ I started getting these 3 years ago. Went through the battery of tests. Sometimes the ER would catch them sometimes not. Always told tests normal. PVC's are benign, everyone has them. And sent onbmy way. They went away for about a year then started up again with a vengeance. Had covid in January and a lot of stress before they started up again. Feel like my doctor and cardiologist think I'm a hypochondriac cause they can't find anything wrong but this elephant doing somersaults in my chest. Anxiety meds help but I don't want to be taking those all the time. I do about an hour of cardio 2-3 times a week that used to help now seems to make them worse some days. This stuff is starting to bring me down.

    • nooz


      I had covid before it started. I blamed covid for it but idk maybe...maybe not. I'm doing better. Maybe because my thoughts won't do nothing to me....that's making them less.

      • Samhain556


        mine have changed a bit since I've had covid, they are different and my heart rate drops below 60 when I feel them

  • Mlodge


    Mine started over a year ago after a scan I had. I somewhat figured out what triggers them but sometimes they’re so random & still get to me. Other times I can ignore them and not over think it. I seriously hate them. They ruin my whole mood.

  • Drew84


    Three letters that got rid of mine... CBD. I take it through an inhaler (like an asthma inhaler) from Koi. I feel like I got my life back.

    • Samhain556


      I use Tommy Chong's nice dreams CBD to sleep, I believe it has helped with them and other things as well. CBD is some wonderful stuff

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