How would you go about challenging a diagnosis? I was dx with BPD while I was on iv steroids which eventually turned into a full blown psychosis ( found out the hard way I'm hypersensitive to them) . I went inpatient and got the help I needed but now I'm questioning the diagnosis since I wasn't myself during the consultation.

I wouldn't question it too hard except that I have friends and family that are in behavioral health and they don't agree with the dx either.


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  • Ameg


    I’m not sure. I’d definitely go to a few different providers for different opinions. And explain about the steroid situation. Not sure if you have a long med history and been in and out of hospital. I do have a long med history and been in and out of hospital since day 1. That being said I do believe I somewhat have complex (c)PTSD. CPTSD is kinda a branch off of PTSD and not quite the same. And I’ve read can present similarly to borderline personality disorder. Just food for thought. Best of luck!

  • Kiiroitori


    @Ameg I'm just now seeing your comment - thank you for your feedback! I do have a long history of medical issues and family trauma Ive also wondered if I'm on the autism spectrum since I do have some similarities with my autistic friends and family members ( fibromyalgia, social anxiety, sensory triggers, migraines, visual snow, mirror hand syndrome, speaking in monotone, hyper fixations, ticks and so on)

  • Ameg


    @kiiroitori no worries, I’m terrible at remembering to look and reply lol. It’s possible. If I think something fits, I mention it to my doc. I also mention the reason I think it fits. Cuz maybe Autism spectrum isn’t it, but something else you mentioned makes them think oh! It might be this. And if they don’t think it’s something you might think it is, ask them why. Like to talk it out. As in you both explain the logic behind your thoughts. That’s what I personally do lol

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