I'm wondering if anyone else is having this experience: managing diabetes is so hard with ADHD. I'm coming up with ideas to help, and would love to talk about it or brainstorm with someone else. also just talking about T1D in general. I've never had a friend with T1D.

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  • Charcoal


    ✋ I’m type one with adhd as well!! Not sure if I have any helpful info, but I’d love to be your friend!

  • 13susanlyn


    I have both diagnoses too. I’ve turned my self care into a game of sorts. Obviously it’s a serious matter, but I set up a reward system to encourage control of my blood sugar

  • KandLion


    I have both too! And it is incredibly difficult to manage with ADHD, especially if I forget to take insulin or forget that I forgot to take it and take too much, the snacking, etc. Would love to talk more!

  • ohgeewiz


    I have both as well! Just form healthy habits. Thats all I can really explain that helped me personally. It's difficult but it also becomes when its survival.

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