I am having a really bad gout flare. I went to urgent care and started pregnasone on Wednesday. They said come back over the weekend if it still hurts so we can check for stress fractures and infection. The swelling is down by half but I still can't walk. should I go back tomorrow? also advice for icing when it is the side of the foot in pain would be great



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  • what


    I take colcrys takes the pain right away

    • frayedends


      they said it was too late for that. I plan to go to urgent care again today

  • HappilyRetired


    I take Lyrica. It has helped me a lot.

  • Easterbunny


    I have been taking Allopurinol. Haven't had a bad flare-up since. Try changing eating habits if you haven't already. I understand how bad gout hurts. I remember not getting relief from the pain and being in tears. Finally I went to my regular doctor and she prescribed Allopurinol. 🤗🙏🙏God 🙌 bless

  • Kim_40


    Is there anything natural that helps with Gout Pain ....I can hardly walk my Shoe will not go on what do I Do ?

    • pastor


      ice packs really help and ginger

  • Easterbunny


    I was told dark cherry juice helps with gout symptoms.

  • midsy


    Pretnazone does help .but I was given Naproxen for the pain , the stupid dr never looked in my chart to see that I have kidney disease and I didnt know what Naproxen was so I took it and it helped my pain but damaged my kidney more so than it was .I also have stage 3 kidney disease . I had to change the way I ate so I wouldn't have another flare up .cuz Gout Pain is the Worst Pain in the World . When I first got it I thought It had to do with my liver disease but found out after seeing 3 drs it was Gout . I lost the Use Of My Right Leg. It was Horrible. The Worst..I can relate and I feel bad ur going thru that

  • midsy


    I had to do my own research on Gout ,cuz Drs.just want to put u on more meds .and my Gout dr said for me to take one med for a month and it would cause alot of gout flare ups and direahea and then come on another med for life . I thought .No Way . For One thing I'm Terrified of having another Gout Attack and the Drs want me to take a med that will bring on your attacks .They have really Bumped there heads . I mean really . Alot of stress and depression will bring on attacks . I'm a stress case anyway but I havent had an attack in 3 years . There's hope . My hope is Jesus.

  • Hammerer


    Heat to the point you make it sweat out seems to help me

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