hi I have been a T1D for 30 years only have one major complication and that's neuropathy of the bowels

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  • Potatohead


    Hi! I’ve had T1D for 16 years. I was diagnosed later in life(my 30’s). I have not heard about neuropathy of the bowels. Yet, I am curious. I see a gastroenterologist and have been told that I have IBS with constipation. How can one be tested for neuropathy of the bowels? All of the treatments for IBS have been too aggressive. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • animalady


      probably the same thing I have they gave it a different name because there is not much to be found on my diagnosis I would ask I had problems with Linzess for a long time but over time it all worked out

      • Potatohead


        I know my system has slowed down. I tried Linzess and had such terrible diarrhea! So I stopped using that. Maybe I will try it again. I’m glad that it worked for you 🙂

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