I have had surgery to remove tumor. Will be starting the chemo process. Would like more information about what to expect. Different ways to recieve chemo, ect.



Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS)

Nausea and Vomiting

Colon Cancer

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  • ArorA


    Me too!

  • Amy48


    I did surgery and finished chemo , but I think people and situations are different, how was your surgery?

  • UnsureGuy


    That is true… each one is different. I did chemo and radiation first, then surgery and follow up with chemo. Be strong and always think positive. You can beat this..

  • Trena


    I did surgery and went with a port and a pump and 6 months of chemo treatments. I wanted to be as aggressive as possible to kick cancer’s butt.

  • Kim0931


    I had a very large tumor on my colon. I was diagnosed with that in October. I had it removed in November and started chemo in December which was capacitapine. It was not bad at all. I set myself up to be the worst thing ever, it wasn't The only thing major I guess would be the hand foot and mouth syndrome which I only got it on my hands and feet which was a bright bright red and burning. But not once did I vomit. I had pills for the nausea which was ondansetron which worked very very quickly so you may want to ask your doctor for that. I asked for it before I even started chemo this way I had it on hand. I just finished up my sixth month of chemo and I'll see my oncologist in 3 weeks. But for those who are starting chemo I know everybody's different but as I said I really set myself up for the worst I didn't even lose any hair so good luck to you all.

    • Kim0931


      Capacitabine ( typo )

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