hi I'm new here this is my first post. I'm struggling with alcohol addiction. I've been an active alcoholic since 2008. I keep trying to stop but part of me doesn't want to and I have a lot of medical conditions now from it. Can anybody out there relate?

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

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  • E_belli


    Yes. I've discovered that the only way to get sober is to be 100% committed. Otherwise you will always find a reason/excuse/justification for having another drink. I'm a year sober from drugs and it was hard but once I fully committed, I couldn't justify it anymore. I relapsed with alcohol so I'm working on it now. Similar place as you. Finding it hard to have the motivation to commit. Always find a reason to pick up another drink. But you got this. We got this. Just have to come to a spot where you need to change your life. It's possible.

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