Does anyone else actually stay awake all day, but then when it's actually time to go to bed, your body is just like, "nah"?
I'll be awake from 7-8am, feel tired, go to bed at 10 because I'm tired but my body just won't.

Cataplexy & Narcolepsy


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  • SleepyAnya


    Absolutely! One of the reasons it took so long for me to realize I had narcolepsy was because I also have horrible insomnia

  • strugglebus


    That's wild. I've had 2 sleep studies but they haven't found anything about insomnia.

  • Sleepygirl73


    Yes! All the time.

  • Ahndrayuh


    So glad to see other people with narcolepsy relating to this post. I never wanna tell people about the insomnia that comes with it because I always feel like it’ll just invalidate myself and they won’t believe the struggles 😭

  • ShelbyLane


    Oh gosh yes! It's so hard when u have Narcolepsy and insomnia! I started taking 10mg of Melatonin around 9ish to help with that and sometimes it helps. Not always though.

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