How do you handle the mental aspect of infertility due to PCOS?

Female Infertility of unspecified origin

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • aleboo


    therapy :( i’ve always wanted to be able to carry children but unfortunately i cant and while therapy helps it still weighs heavy on my shoulders

  • Soskae


    This is hard but I was raised in a cult that taught I was essentially a human incubator and my entire worth was tied up in having children. That being said I still do want to have kids but it’s been really hard not to feel like if I can’t it’s my fault and that I’m damaged good because of it. To help get myself out of that frame of mind I adopted 2 dogs and committed all my free time to learning dog psychology and how to be the best dog parent possible and that has given me a lot of purpose. I’m biased but I think it’s kind of the perfect solution. A homeless pet gets the love it deserves and you get fulfillment. That’s just me though.

  • HermioneRose


    For me at least, the idea of possibly adopting a child who needs a family - and taking good care of my cats in the mean time - really helps, as does working with kids at work.

    • Chesbro99


      yeah I want to adopt too. My pets are my life now

  • Dyliha


    I really want kids! The worst thing for me would be not having any. But remeber, you might have infertility issues-but that doesnt mean you are sterile. My doctor when he told me said, "Getting pregnant WILL be difficult, but its not impossible." And that gives me hope... Im also an Adoptee so theres always that. *but I might be biased*😁

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