For those who experience it, what are nonverbal responses like for you?

Restlessness and Agitation

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • oOo_melanie_oOo


    im not diagnosed but i do have some non-verbal moments sometimes days with barely speaking but i usually point to whatever i need or want and fidget sometimes it it's annoying to my mother because she knows i can talk so then I HAVE to talk and it makes me feel bad maybe im just overthinking also sorry if it seems like im making it abt me i'm working on a better way to relate to people instead of using a similar experience

  • Anella


    For me it's like people don't understand when I want to be quiet and just don't want to speak. I mostly observe and if I feel comfortable and might say somethingFor me it's like people don't understand when I want to be quiet and just don't want to speak. I mostly observe and if I feel comfortable I might say something but still think I should have said more.

  • nora.notes.84


    ive only experienced one bout of going nonverbal to a point where it was involuntary, and im not really sure what that means as far as an autistic response. i had just been given bad news, and i wanted to speak, i genuinely wanted to, but it wouldn’t happen. i don’t know if it was just high emotion, or something that is unique to people with autism.

  • Erebyssian


    I find it usually difficult. but my partner has come to a great understanding and made me feel more comfortable with it. It's usually when I'm greatly upset or angry. I really want to talk, I'm such a blunt person, but I can't. Usually my partner will tend give a little space and read my reaction, but ask questions. I will be able to nod or shake my head, and through that process it usually helps ground me to be able to talk again after a period of time. Mines definitely triggered and not like out of the blue I can't speak

  • minime273


    For me, if I'm in a situation with conflict or if I'm really overwhelmed, it can sort of shut down my "translator". The words I need to say will be in my head... unless I try to speak them. If I try to speak, sometimes I can manage, but I'm more likely to make noises or "uh um" sounds than speak. Sometimes, making noise at all is hard because I'm worried the volume or tone will be wildly out of place. It's frustrating at times, but I know if I stim and calm down, it seems to help me, so I do those things.

  • IrisesInJuly


    I'm going to try to learn sign language for things I generally will want or need and teach it to my partner, sometimes you don't have your phone with you or a piece of paper or you just don't want to do it, I think it will be helpful, he already knows the sign for water at least

    • Erebyssian


      i do this! it helps express my feelings and needs in moments when I find it hard to talk❤️

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