What are some ways you reduce stress when your have a hard time?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Ash.G


    I listen to music most often the same song over and over again.

  • Inezz


    A nice glass of Stella Rosa watermelon moscato and a moment I make uninterrupted which is hard but had to make it a point to my husband and daughter this is me time I get my union break hahaha

  • phyl


    Yoga , running , and long bubble bats work for me . Sometimes we have to take time for ourselves to sort through our emotions. Wine helps too🙂

  • KittyRosa


    I find that walking outside with headphones so I can blast music is my best medicine

  • Sarahbeara97


    I usually listen to music if I’m out in public, play my fave video game when I’m home, do some breathing exercises

  • MikeyO


    Self validate. Any intrusive thought I have. I denounce and challenge it while doing breathing exercises.

  • Jorj


    create a list of things you enjoy and that calm you down and you can go write down the list and choose. for example mine would be showers or baths and something i can smell, touch, think, hear, taste ect.

  • clumsysprout


    showering almost always makes me feel better - i like to imagine i’m washing away all bad energy

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