How are you guys dealing with day to day life? I really don't want to be here anymore. It seems like everyone here is always pissed off at me for something and I can't handle it much longer. Please help.


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  • Aleese


    Everything will get better even if it doesnt feel like it. Finding a grounding technique like listening to music or creating a small goal each day such as making your bed or changing your clothes can help with any overwhelming thoughts and the goals don't even have to be met daily that's what keeps me going.

  • roadrage


    Ik the feeling. Feels like no matter what I do or say isn't good enough. I'm always wrong 4 something

  • WyybiE3


    Someone once told me that one of the best and worst things about time was that it didnt stop. if youre having a bad day or a bad time theres only so long it can last. it will end things will get better. take a deep breath, drink some water if you can, tell yourself you’re surviving, and keep going.

  • DaOnewitBPD


    I've gone through so many days wishing I wasn't here. Right now in my life I'm in a good place so all I can say is that all the bad days will eventually lead up to a good one

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