is Adderall for ADHD a good mediation?


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  • Vixly


    So I can’t compare it to other meds because adderall is the only med I’ve been on. For me I’ve found it helpful but I also know it differs for everyone. I find that it gives me insomnia and suppresses my appetite which is normal but it’s good to be aware of possible side effects.

  • maka.png


    This depends from person to person. In my experience, it has helped me a lot. Adderall has also helped my sister. I have been performing better in school since I started taking it. Again, results can vary from person to person. It may not work for you and that’s okay!

  • ___


    I’ve just tried tried strattera (for ADHD but not a stimulant) and I now take Adderall. And yes Adderall helps me! It’s been a little hard for me when I realize the dose isn’t high enough and I need more to actually help me, but once it gets to the right dose it is very helpful!

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