Anyone else feel emotionless at death? I've only had a few deaths in my family and only one I was really close with but I only cried at that funeral a little bit. before and after I felt no emotions toward the death, I felt like I had to force myself to be or act sad so others would feel like they weren't alone in their feelings. a family members cancer is growing and everyone's a wreck. I feel nothing. I at first thought just shock, but last death I encountered, I only cried one time and it was very minimal. I feel insane.


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  • Maddawg


    I get it. My grand uncle died and it was open casket and I was just a little freaked out but that was it. My granny died and I wasn’t really sad even though everyone was crying around me. My grand aunt died and I didn’t even get to be at her funeral but I’m fine I guess. And my cat that I’ve had since birth is going to die soon and I cried once about it years ago, I don’t know how I’ll react when she dies.

  • Fairyblankets


    I understand completely, I think part of my problem was I wasn’t close enough to those of who I went to. The only one I really thought I would cry at was my grandmas. I felt like an asshole because I didn’t. I just sat there blankly I still beat myself up about it cus I loved her so much and I feel like I should have showed it by crying.

  • Gcapriotti7


    I didn't feel anything at the funerals of my family and friends, including my best friend, for me it doesn't feel real, they don't look real, and I feel like nothing changed, like its a joke and I'll see them tomorrow, then it just disappears from my mind overnight.

  • QueenAbagail


    You are not insane. For some of us it is very hard to understand death. It probably puts you into a shock mode in the brain. It is hard to describe or explain this. As for me. I can’t accept death. It is sort of freaky.

  • Archie13


    One of my oldest friends died 2 days ago and I haven’t felt anything yet. I have dealt with a really abnormal amount of death but it’s just not something that shakes me anymore. I think there is a limit to how much grief a person can feel at once so it’s just kind of stops at a point. I’m sure it will bubble who later but it’s not a great feeling.

  • mmikl633


    People say depression is just sadness, but I feel more apathy than sadness generally, an overwhelming numbness to all things in the present moment. If you’re not taking medication, I would consider it. It doesn’t fix anything, but it keeps you from feeling quite as numb about the big things that happen in your life.

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