I recently (within the last 7ish months) developed high blood pressure, and I'm trying to figure out if it's my PCOS or something else causing it. Folks with PCOS who have hypertension - how quickly did you go from normal to high and how high did it get?
For reference, my BP has always been under 120/80, it was 125/85 in June of 2021 and I've lost 3 lbs since then and now it's all over the place, sometimes as high as 156/99.

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  • loweffortcasual


    I'd bring it up to your doctor. PCOS and blood pressure usually has to do with weight. If you lost weight I wouldn't imagine your BP would be all over.

    • brandi314


      yeah I have an appointment in a couple weeks. I'm definitely overweight, but that's been true for years now and it seems strange that it all of a sudden would be causing this big of a spike 🤷

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