i saw ONE tiktok about surprising their family with a puppy and now i can’t stop thinking about it, and now i’m spending all my money on a puppy for my family😭

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Kendoll


    Getting an animal as a gift is a really bad idea. Pets are very personal and you cant tell if theyre going to fit into someone elses lifestyle, their home, or expectations. Getting a dog for someone other than yourself is likely putting the dog back into a sheter, or worse. Bringing a dog into a home without tons of preparation from all parties and without knowing your parents are going to love that dog is just as dangerous. Please take a lot of time with your family visiting shelters and adopt a dog together. Animals shouldnt be impulse purchases. Please, i work at a shelter and see the worst of what happens every day

  • mountainfairy


    This is a great point^^

  • mematwe


    thank you, sometimes i get like this and it’s very frustrating to control, focus so hard on one thing without looking at the possible outcomes, thank you for helping me

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